Our Company

Remal Civil Pty Ltd, is an Earthmoving Company; was formed in Sydney in September 2013. Remal Civil specialises in Piling and Bulk Excavation, Demolition Site remediation, haulage and plant hire in addition to all civil works for any size Projects.

We have successfully completed over 30 projects encompassing medium to large piling in addition to bulk excavation and earthworks projects. Most recently we have completed a bulk excavation project for Dyldam Development exceeding 70000 Cubic meter of different materials at North Rock Road-North Rocks.

Our People

Our employees and management have collectively built up a knowledge base and understanding of all disciplines of Transportation and Excavation.

Because of the high retention rate of staff there is a common safety first culture throughout, coupled with an enthusiastic motivation amongst the crew to complete a high quality job on time.

We encourage all staff to understand the fundamentals of all projects and client expectations.

About Remal Civil
Our Equipment


Remal Civil is one of the leading Earthmoving companies in Sydney and has built a $8 million fleet of Trucks, plant and equipment during more than a year in business.

An aggressive replacement program means the company offers some of the most up-to-date plant and equipment in the industry of bulk earthworks.

In addition, Remal Civil has a team of skilled maintenance personnel with in-depth knowledge of Haulage, excavation and safety standards.

The Fleet includes:

• Excavators – Kobelco ideal for bulk earthworks
• Excavator 5 Ton.
• Piling Rig Soilmec R-210
• 10 truck & Dogs 2012 Western Star Model.
• Service trucks
• Additional equipment also includes rock breakers, shaker Buckets, bobcats and light vehicles.

Company Philosophy

For us, success means far more than just striving for profit. What we mean by success is creating sustained values for our customers, the company and its employees. For the customer, value lies in additional benefits provided by the excellent quality of our products and services.

The value for employees lies in a high degree of job satisfaction, the opportunity to gain further personal qualifications and in secure jobs.

The value for the company lies in healthy growth with optimum profitability with a high share of equity capital.

Company Principles

We want to actively shape the market, giving us the edge over our competitors. We want to satisfy our customers, not just by meeting their demands exactly, but also by surprising and inspiring them with our excellent service.

The quality of our services is our top priority and the essential task of every employee. Quality includes the full scope of the customer’s perception.

We see our staff as the most essential element in the value creation chain. Well qualified, continuously trained and highly motivated employees are the source of our success – they create satisfaction for our customers through quality and thereby secure the continuation and further development of our company.