Are you looking for an earthmoving contractor in the Sydney region who understands the industry and takes pride in their work ethic.

Remal Civil are a team of professional and reliable operators. We pride ourselves on our attention to customer service as well as our attention to detail. Our combined demolition & excavation packages can save you a considerable amount of time and money.

The services provided by Remal Civil Excavations comply with all current Safe Work Practices, licensing requirements and current insurances as required by law.

We own and operate an extensive range of the latest machinery & Trucks and specialist attachments suitable for any type of Earthmoving work throughout Sydney.

Whether your project consists of bulk excavation or complex detail excavation, Remal Civil can perform all your excavating needs. With experienced staff We provide a safe work environment at all times.

Safe Excavation

Excavation in construction is any operation in which earth, rock, or other material in or on the ground is moved or otherwise displaced by means of tools, equipment, and includes earthwork. High-risk obligations apply to excavations with a depth greater than 1.5 metres.

The regulations covering construction work are contained in Part 12 of the Occupational Health and Safety (Safety Standards) Regulations 1994.


Risks Associated With Excavation

Excavation work is inherently dangerous and regarded as the most dangerous construction work. Excavation failures occur quickly and this limits the ability of the worker to escape especially if the collapse is extensive or is a trench.

The speed of an excavation collapse increases the risk associated with this type of work and the consequences are significant as the falling earth can bury or crush any person in its path. This can result in death by suffocation or internal crush injuries.

The magnitude of the consequences particularly in relation to trench collapse highlights the need to protect the employees and other person working at or near excavation sites.


Remal Civil specialises all forms of demolition. We are there to serve you from the beginning to the supply of the final clearance certificate on completion.

Remal Civil can provide waste disposal management plans, statements of environmental effects and safe work method plans devised specifically for the demolition of your property, these documents are requested by council as part of your application. We can do it all, so that you don’t have to think about it.

We can arrange site fencing and guarantee that all safety precautions have been undertaken before and during the demolition.

Recycling is a major factor in today’s world. Each week a majority of demolition contractors needlessly direct thousands of tons of recyclable waste into landfill sites which is uneconomical, unsustainable and is an inefficient use of resources.

The Client can be assured that when Remal Civil is carrying out a project, if it can be recycled it will be. From the very start of the demolition process everything apart from contaminated, toxic and hazardous materials will be recycled. From sundry items to fixtures and fittings, doors & windows, kitchen units, to other structural materials such as timber and steel.

Once all the debris has been cleared from your site, we then begin preparing your site by levelling the soil in order to contour to the natural slope of the land. In doing so, we allow your builders and surveyors quick and easy access to your site to start marking out your project.

Piling Services

Remal Civil Piling has the capability of constructing grout injection piles from 450mm to 1200mm in diameter and up to 24m in depth. We construct either individual grout injection piles or contiguous pile walling. The vast majority of our grout injection piling is carried out in sandy or wet soil conditions in which grout injection piles are specified to prevent the holes from collapsing.