The Company success has been built on a foundation of values – discipline, integrity, safety and success – these values been revisited to ensure they are aligned with the needs of our shareholders, clients and employees. Having strong values provides a framework within which our people can operate and make sensible decisions. Our values go hand-in-hand with the concept of empowerment, a fundamental principle of Remal Civil way.

While we can set policies, guidelines, frameworks and codes, ultimately our people need a set of values to guide their thinking, to help them make the right decisions and, ultimately, to create the right outcomes.

A company with a strong and clearly defined set of values means that its people have alignment and consistency with the direction of the business. In Remal Civil’s case, this has developed a culture that is performance and results oriented.

Our company philosophy of complete customer satisfaction is based upon:

  • continuous improvement in quality and services provided
  • planned and efficient utilization of technology
  • expert involvement and the dedication of company personnel