Remal Civil strictly complies with all WH&S safety standards and employs stringent occupational health & safety measures in all of our service areas including demolition, excavation.

Remal Civil adheres to the WH&S Act 2011, WH&S Regulation 2011, and the Australian Standards AS2601.

As each project is different Remal Civil develops a specific Safe Work Method Statement for each of our projects whether it is demolition, excavation or a combination of both services.

Remal Civil will notify work cover prior to the beginning of each demolition,and obtains their approval prior to beginning works.

Remal Civil is committed to ensuring all our employees and contractors and the general public are kept safe from risk of injury or illness arising from our work activities.

Our key objectives are to identify all safety and welfare hazards associated with our workplace and work practices and control associated risks to any person who may be affected by our operations.

Employees and contractors always comply with legislative requirements, company WH&S policies, procedures and Injury Management requirements, and ensure that they follow directions from supervisors.



At Remal Civil it is our priority and commitment to avoid demolition waste going to landfill where possible. We are constantly working to find better ways to maximise the amount of materials recycled during each demolition and regularly service our trucks and equipment in order to reduce the carbon emissions released into the environment.

At Remal Civil we believe in doing our part and are always looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Workplace Health & Safety

Remal Civil Pty Ltd has established and implemented a Quality Assurance system. Remal Civil Pty Ltd management and employees shall at all times endeavor to complete all projects in a safe manner where people are not at risk due to an unsafe working environment. To achieve this, it is the responsibility of management and employees to eliminate hazards and develop safe work methods. Management and employees are committed to complying to the Act, Regulations, and all the appropriate codes of practice in striving to achieve an accident free workplace. All new and existing workers will be inducted through the safety guidelines developed specifically for our workplaces. Management and employees will show a commitment to continual improvement to objects and targets aimed at eliminating or controlling work related injuries and illness by efficient risk management process. Remal Civil management and employees are committed to establishing and developing continued training and compliance systems.

Environmental Management

Remal Civil Pty Ltd has established and implemented an Environmental Management Plan specific to the needs of all Remal Civil projects. It is committed to conducting it business activities in an ecologically sustainable manner, and aims to minimize, and where possible, eliminate the effects that these activities have on the natural environment. Remal Civil Pty Ltd is also committed to continually improving its environmental performance. It is Remal Civil policy that all employees and contractors under Remal Civil control must comply with the Federal, State and Local Body Laws and Regulations for the protection of the environment, and adhere to the site-specific Environmental Management Plans.

The Policy implemented by;

  • Enforcing a work culture that is sensitive to Earthmoving-related environmental issues
  • Actively promoting the protection of the environment and its resources
  • Ensuring that adequate resources are assigned to develop and implement Environmental Management Plans


Remal Civil Pty Ltd will ensure that management, all employees and personnel, including subcontractors, are aware of their responsibilities under the Plan, and carry out works in an environmentally responsible manner.

Quality Assurance

  • Remal Civil Pty Ltd aims to create a framework that supports quality initiatives and outcomes in every aspect of the works, which the Company and its employees undertake.
  • The framework is established through a well-operated and responsible quality management system. The policy applies to all levels of our organisation. Resources will be provided for its effective functioning. The system will focus on reducing defects, rework, working to program, improving performance and efficiency, and reducing costs in every aspect of our work processes.
  • We will build and maintain close relationships with our clients to identify their needs easily and make plans to fulfill these requirements.

Remal Civil will seek to meet the expectations of clients at every stage of our work.

  • Creating a positive environment where all employees take responsibility to ensure that they meet the requirements of this policy when carrying out their duty.
  • Standard Reviewing all of these activities on a regular basis with suggestions and input from clients, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, auditors and management
  • Reviewing the effectiveness and suitability of our quality management system to our key activities and objectives.


Maintain and continuously improve our competency, expertise and management system.